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Alessandro Rolla

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Quintuor concertant pour 2 Violon[s] 2 Alto[s] et Violoncelle par A: Rolla

à Vienne, chez Louis Maisch, [180-?]

Plate number: 356

Bibliographic description: parti staccate; 5 parti: vl1 (5 p.), vl2 (4 p.), vla1 (3 p.), vla2 (4 p.), vlc (3 p.); 33 cm

References: Rism A/1 R/RR1974

Remarks: Descrizione basata su esemplare US-R

Work(s) included:


  • A-Wgm, Call number: IX.5391. Holding notes: Esemplare completo.
  • A-Wn, Call number: -. Holding notes: -.
  • A-Wst, Call number: -. Holding notes: -.
  • CH-E, Call number: -. Holding notes: -.
  • D-B, Call number: -. Holding notes: Esemplare completo.
  • HR-Zh, Call number: -. Holding notes: -.
  • I-Rsc, Call number: GB.86.37. Holding notes: Esemplare completo.
  • US-R, Call number: M552.R749. Holding notes: Esemplare completo.

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